Welcome to the Understanding America Study - Data Visualization (UAS Vis) Toolkit

The Understanding America Study (UAS) is a panel, administrated by the University of Southern California, of approximately 6,000 individuals representing the entire United States. The study is an 'Internet Panel,' which means respondents answer our surveys on a computer, tablet, or smart phone, wherever they are and whenever they wish to participate.

Surveys are designed by research teams around the world, programmed and tested by our team at USC's Center for Economic and Social Research, translated into Spanish, and then fielded.

Final datasets with sample weights for finished surveys are posted on our site.

The UAS Visualization Toolkit allows users to interactively explore these datasets on a variety of key indicators through interactive, customizable, and animated charts, tables, and maps.

These interactive visualizations are customized to each dataset and will be updated periodically.

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