UAS Comprehensive Dataset

The UAS Comprehensive Data File (also referred to as simply the Comprehensive file) comprises online survey data collected by CESR through its UAS internet panel. The UAS is a nationally representative panel of American households randomly recruited from U.S. post office delivery sequence files. UAS respondents are adults age 18 and older who answer surveys on average once or twice per month via an online interface that is technologically powerful yet friendly for the respondents and quick to deliver results. The Comprehensive file includes several sections of the core Health and Retirement Study (HRS) questionnaire, administered in the UAS in a total of six consecutive surveys (UAS 20 through UAS 25). The Comprehensive file also contains data from six other UAS surveys, all of which will be repeated every two years. The Comprehensive file is updated regularly as new waves of data become available.

Download the Comprehensive Data File .